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Susan Laane-Towne

Massage Therapy Practitioner

Registered Nurse, B.S.N.

02 731 5995

"Massage" encompasses a natural healing technique that has proven benefits for every human being, from infancy through old age. An infant thrives from the touch of its mother or even a relative stranger. In countless studies, infants have exhibited failure to thrive when deprived from the touch of another human being. For prematurely born infants in particular, a regular regimen of infant massage can literally mean the difference between life and death. Children living in orphanages in various parts of the world, lacking the simplest touch of another for months on end, can develop serious, often irreversible, mental and physical impairments.

At the other end of the life spectrum, the elderly population (generally from age 70), have specific physiological and emotional needs, many of which can be helped from therapeutic massage.

How does the therapeutic massage benefit the body? Massage has been attributed to marked health improvements, including stimulation of the major systems of the body, a significant increase in circulation leading to increased levels of oxygen to the brain, an enhanced digestive and elimination cycle, and a decrease in healing time from major illnesses, surgeries or injuries.

In the area of mental health, massage and healing by touch has been shown to improve an individual's body image, to increase vitality, to be a conduit to self-nurturing behavior, and has a significant effect on stress and all the detrimental effects humans can experience as a result of stress overload.

Humans have a basic need to be touched. We are social and energetic beings. The laying on of hands in a nurturing and caring way is vital for our overall right to live as healthy, complete beings.


Located on Brussels’ east side, in south Kraainem at the Tervuren exit off the ring RO.

Free parking on street.

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